In the spring of 2020, in the middle of the spring quarantine, the authors Eva Hotovcová and Radka Bláhová, together with the Fragment publishing house, asked me if I would like to collaborate on illustrations in the upcoming children’s book about children accompanied by the ghost Zachariáš. The collaboration was great and I immersed myself for 7 weeks in drawing two children, lots of ghosts and Prague monuments. The book is also conceived as a guide to Prague and is full of Prague legends and stories.

There are about 50 illustrations in the book, in addition to the inside of the book, I also illustrated the cover. The total time of work on the illustrations was a record 7 weeks due to the shortened submission deadline.

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Summer adventure, thanks to which you will get to know Prague and the ghosts that live there!

Twins Lí and Ráďa have just moved to Prague and they feel a little lost there. When they meet the spirit of Zechariah, who offers to take them through Prague and acquaint them with history, they are very happy. If they had any idea that Zachy’s guide services would also include a personal meeting with other Prague ghosts and ghosts of celebrities! Get inspired by the story and visit the haunted places of Prague for yourself! At the end of the book you will find a map and tips for a walk.

Graphic design: Graphic and DTP studio Albatros Media, Kamila Flonerová
Published by Fragment in Prague in 2020 at Albatros Media a.s.
Proofreading by Kateřina Šípková
Editor-in-Chief Jitka Pastyříková

Technical editor Daruše Singerová
Rate Graphic and DTP studio Albatros Media, Petra Krušberská
Tisk: Print: Print Centrum s.r.o., Moravany u Brna

For readers from 8 years.

  • Client
  • Autors

    Eva Hotovcová and Radka Bláhová

  • Date

    spring-autumn 2020

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