HOW TO NETWORK, Master the four principles of success on social networks. 

In the spring of 2019, Melvil asked me if I would like to collaborate on illustrations for a book on social networks. The collaboration was great from the first moment, Michelle and Eliška are very nice enthusiastic souls. Together with the whole team, we chose the font that will be used in the illustrations, the color of the whole book. The book contains 7 large full-page illustrations, 22 smaller illustrations, graphics and graphs, and a large pile of screenshots that needed to be visually combined. The total work time on the illustrations was 115 hours. The original cover is also in the sample, which did not pass in the end.

Interest – listen – tell – evaluate. Four principles that must be mastered by anyone who wants to be successful on social networks. Whether he intends to build a loyal community, promote a brand or increase sales. Applications, trends and network users may change, but the principles remain.

(text taken from the Jan Melvil Publishing website)
Edition Žádná velká věda, Jan Melvil Publishing, Brno 2019

Editor-in-Chief Vladimíra Škorpíková // Editor-in-Chief Marek Vlha // Editorial Cooperation Tomáš Baránek, Marek Vlha, Vít Šebor // Opponents Michal Kašpárek, Kateřina Ráčková, Adam Zbiejczuk, Jirka Chomát, Dorota Kajfoszová, Daniel Gamrot, Petra Bučková // Graphic design and typesetting David Dvořák // Cover Pavel Junk // Proofreading by Vilém Kmuníček // Printing and binding PBtisk, as, Příbram